Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Designer ice

…Once as a destitute freelancer, HA sold countertop water filters to support her ungrateful pack and can regale you for hours with stories of trying to install these amidst spraying fountains while the male homeowner looked on, shaking his head.

…We can’t get more water. Whatever is on earth, that’s it. It evaporates, it rains back down. If we pollute it, there is less. Water is a zero sum game.

…Anyhow, as a result of her adventures in the water biz, HA is all about the water. She won’t drink it in restaurants and has recently installed a bottle-type water cooler, which she loves.

….But what about ice? She uses the countertop filter (which she installed on her lonesome, so there) to fill the trays.

…Not everyone has one, so someone hopped on the ice situation—ta-da! It’s Icerocks! Forty-eight cubes for four bucks!

…People buy ice all the time, but will consumers say: “I am not paying 10 cents a cube!”

…Strangely, they are marketing this as safer. HA thinks the flat nasty aftertaste of tap might be a better selling point.

…A couple of things HA learned in her short-lived water career? Filtered water does taste better. Also, most bottled waters are filtered reservoir water from big city holding areas, not darling little bubbly areas of France or the Andes.

…And New York City has the best-tasting water in the country. The company could not sell filters there.

…And we could sell filters to almost anyone who drank water. Like ice to Eskimos.

…Hmmmm, wonder if Icerocks has been to Alaska.

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