Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Diet soda can be tipsy mixer

…Diet soda and booze may get too happy together. Toga, toga!

…Some Australian researchers (why does that not surprise HA?) had eight guys drink. Specifically, they each drank a 478-cal vodka drink on day one. The second day, they drank the same with a diet mixer—225 cals.

…Their stomachs emptied in 15 minutes with the diet drink, compared with 21 minutes with the full-octane drink.

…Blood alcohol peaked higher with the diet drink, too.

…With diet sweeteners, a researcher explained, the brain expects sugar and releases insulin. The result? Fewer calories absorbed but faster absorption of alcohol.

…Advice? If you are planning on using diet tonic water, say, eat a light snack first. Better yet, switch to a wine spritzer, which is mostly water.

…Er, spritz

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