Monday, July 31, 2006

Don't try this at home

…HA read the other day that DNA is being used to decide if illegal immigrants are really related to each other. Kinda spendy?

…The General Accountability Office (in HA’s Hill days, this was the General Accounting Office, which is much less preachy) and the Federal Trade Commish have issued reports on shaky-sounding DIY testing of DNA.

…The FTC was quite irked and urged consumers not to go it alone on the DNA thing.

…The GAO was trickier. It sent the DNA of a man and a woman to several websites offering analysis. The findings all came back different and some recommendations were ill-advised.

…One site was offering diet advice based on DNA, but jumped up and said it was really doing scientific research about cholesterol.

…These tests can cost between $100 and more than $1000.

…The diet tests are cleverly called nutrigenetic. “It is not flowing out the mainstream of medicine,” noted one nutrigenetic entrepreneur, a master of understatement no doubt.

…The GAO told the FDA to regulate this stuff better.

…From one alphabet joint to another: Look alive!

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