Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dr Gourmet says chilies, si si

…First, Dr Gourmet is a groovin’ medical gentleman. His real name is Timothy S. Harlan, MD.

…Check his site at www.drgourmet.com. Recipes, you cooks!

…According to a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 36 selfless volunteers agreed to eat hot chilies for the sake of science, Dr G writes.

…Over two 4-week periods, they ate either a bland meal or a chili meal. The latter contained 30 grams a day of freshly chopped hot ones!

..At set times, blood was tested for glucose, insulin and energy expenditure.

…Not much difference was found between the two groups, except the amount of insulin needed to control blood sugar after a meal was reduced in those who spent a month eating chili meals. This worked even better with those with a higher BMI.

…Probably this isn’t earthshaking, but you could eat more veggies (chilies) this way and lower calorie foods, such as redfish, clams, and shrimp. Those are kickin’ when made with chilies.

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