Friday, July 14, 2006

Eat 3--every time

…HA is not a fan of diets, but recently came across an Orlando nutritionist’s idea of organized eating.

…Karen Beerbower, RD, says every time you eat, you must eat three items, and one must be a protein.

…No exceptions, every time.

…Want cookies? OK, you also must have milk and fruit.

…Mac ‘n’ cheese? No problem, but you must also eat beans and fruit salad.

…You can’t grab vending machine goodies, because you need the other two items. By then, you may decide you aren’t even that hungry and it isn’t worth the effort.

…Snap! HA knew it. This involves planning and cooking, so it cuts eating! Oh, very clever.

…The protein doesn’t hurt, either. It makes you feel full and builds muscle mass, which burns fat better.

…Errant thought? Those 3-item combos…did those used to be called meals?

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