Friday, July 07, 2006

Frozen baby food--well, why not?

…Man, babies are big luckies!

…HA is trying to digest a broccoli misadventure and this Plum Organics stuff looks so tummy-friendly and delish.

…Almost too good for the little carpet crawlers.

…It’s the new frozen gourmet baby treats from Plum Organics. HA makes note of descriptions of organic supergreens, chicken with whole-grain grain pasta, banana peach rice pudding, red lentils—yuh-um!

…All perfectly cooked and then frozen.

…Seems almost a shame not to scrape it off the walls and try again when it goes flying.

…And when you can get it. Check the website… Coming “soon” to a high-end retailer near you.

…A final note: Docs usually recommend introducing one or two “solid” food items at a time to prevent allergies. Couldn’t hurt to ask.

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