Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kids? Heck, fake out the grownups

…Kids won’t eat the veggies? Well, the plant stuff does contain indigestible fibers and some bitter chems to ward off insects.

…Even some grownups aren’t always wowed by the green foods. We know we should, we try.

… OK…here’s what happened, see…

…Yesterday, at lunch, HA nuked some frozen broc and cauliflower. Supposedly this had a gruel-like cheese sauce on it (HA never located that). About six chunks in, she got jaw lock. This is food?

…(HA had read that frozen or canned is OK for your daily 1,300 veggies or however many you are supposed to have.)

…Spencer, HA’s dog loved it! (That’s not him exactly, it’s a toy, better not to know.)

…From the author of The Let’s Eat Cake Diet, Dean Kapsalakis, come some tips for dolling up the rabbit food.

…Cook veggies in gravy! Use ordinary gravy packets. These are usually fat free. Add some seasoned rice. Grownups (er, kids) like it.

…Or hide veggies in “goodies.” Kapsalakis buys a chocolate cake mix, adds some wheat germ, then grates veggies, including sweet potato, into it. He also adds a balanced mineral powder.

…Check it out! Veggies disguised as cake! There are lab tests.


Star said...

A reader asked me to post this--did not want to set up a blog to make a comment. What's up with that?


Love your blog! my husband use to add veggies, like broccoli, brussels sprouts and green beans, to spaghetti sauce to get his young brother and sisters to eat the green stuff. Worked like a charm.

Linda said...

Does drinking 8 oz. of V-8 count as (at least) a couple of servings of veggies? I'm hoping....

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