Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Makes a good-for-you dessert

…NuVim is a premixed smoothie-like drink crammed with “micronutrients,” according to the manufacturer.

…It promotes immunity, they say.

…Well, HA is from Missouri, The Show Me State, so she tried it.

…Remember, HA is not a drink-your-meals type person. She found this concoction a little different-tasting, even the strawberry.

…But HA’s daughter loved it. And she came up with the idea of freezing it into a slushy or sherbert. Yum! Now we’re talkin”.

…The micronutrients are harvested from the milk of special cows in New Zealand. This stuff is lactose-free.

…The claims for it are that it helps with asthma, heartburn, and increases vitality and energy. Oh, and fends off disease.

…You might want to try it…check out

…They say if you don’t feel better in 45 days by drinking 12 oz a day, they will give you your money back.

…Try it slushified

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