Monday, July 17, 2006

Quite a stretch

…You should see HA in the morning or getting up from her desk. She looks like a dopey robot!

…Stretching can be the answer, docs say.

…Men carry stress locked in their glutes (rear), while women clench their necks and shoulders.

…You can stretch yourself out, but another person can also help.

…Stretching enthusiasts says a balanced body also balances the mind. (HA says, “OK, dude!”)

…Try having a partner gently pull your arms, then legs, and rotate your head.

…Gently. We are not talking The Exorcist here!

…Check out You can have your computer buzz you every hour for a walkabout or stretch session.

…Seriously, when the Tin Man comes to see if he can be of help, you need to do something.

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