Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Road grub

…Ever been on a car trip where you are on the road for ten minutes and everyone is suddenly starving?

…This is where the cooler comes in.

…Pack favorites, don’t experiment with the offbeat jungle fruits.

…Stick with finger food—apples, plums, pears, peaches, bananas, carrot sticks.

…Stick with water as a drink—the spills dry without leaving sticky scum on the car for the rest of the trip. You can also clean hands with it. Ever try that with soda?

…String cheese or precut sticks of cheese are good.

…Low sugar cereals can be doled out by the handful. What are Cheerios? Baby soul food!

…Throw in seeds, nuts, dried fruit, rice cakes, fruit leather, pudding tubes, and energy bars.

…One thing that will break the bank? Those 100-calorie packs. Tara Parker-Pope, writing in the Wall Street Journal on July 18, said these cost a fortune. And might HA add--You have to eat so many!

…Fruit leather? Ewww. That stuff is so nasty. HA’s daughter used to turn blue in the aisles begging for it. She’s 24 now, but HA still whisks her past the leather, just in case.

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