Friday, July 28, 2006

Should you stop your period?

…Time was, no menstrual period meant…panic! Or bliss!

…Now, it may mean you are using an oral contraceptive, such as Loestrin 24 Fe or Seasonique.

…Brides have known for awhile that they can fine-tune by dropping the placebo pills in the birth control pack around their wedding time and keeping on with the hormone pills.

…The American College of Obstetricians and Gynos found in 2003 that half of the female gynos were suppressing their own periods. Ninety-nine percent of them, in fact, were all for it.

…Loestrin 24 Fe shortens the period by three days by handing out 24 active pills.

…Seasonique limits the period to four times a year (84 active pills, followed by 7 placebos).

…The inventors of the pill, in fact, saw no reason for the monthly period, except they thought women would want it and considered it “natural.”

…Some women still feel that way.

…They should not take these, obviously—nor should women who smoke and are at risk for blood clots. (This applies to all BC pills, by the way.)

…Your doctor can advise.

… Personally, HA is a little afraid of Mother Nature and doesn’t throw down with her if she can avoid it.

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