Monday, July 03, 2006

The Sipahh

…HA once wrote about a company (FLAVORx) that makes a ton of flavorings for medicines (adults demand them, too). The other night on the news came word of spray flavorings that would allow finnicky youngsters to spray broccoli with a bubblegum taste or somesuch.

…And, now, The Sipahh! It’s a straw with flavorings inside to improve on good old moo-juice.

…Didn’t they used to have these—with a chunk of chalky-tasting faux-chocolate inside? Or did HA dream that?

…The twist is that the company is now developing energy straws for athletes, vitamin straws for the puny, and medicinal delivery straws for those who can’t take a pill.

…How about “roofie” straws for reluctant pickups in bars or beer straws for drinkers relegated to water?

…OK, now HA is paranoid and is never using any straw again! Don’t go by her.

…For more info, check out or


…Or as the company says, “Insert in cold milk. Sip, and say, “Ahhh!”

...OK, we get it.

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