Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sprained ankle not funny

…Remember when you were a kid? Kids got broken arms and sprained ankles. It seemed kind of normal.

…According to a story by Deborah Franklin in the New York Times (July 18, 2006), a bunch of adults still get sprained ankles (23,000). It’s not as retro as it sounds.

…A broken bone, Franklin points out, takes weeks to heal—a sprained ankle up to three months.

…Plus turning your ankle and stretching and tearing the innards of the joint can set you up for osteoporosis.

…The advice now is NOT to walk it off.

…Ice it or alternate heat and ice to encourage healing blood to flood in. Keep it elevated.

…Women tend to sprain ankles because their balance is thrown off by opposing muscle groups being of different strengths.

…Men tend to have problems because of range of motion in the joint.

…Women athletes might do isometric exercises that strengthen the muscles rolling the foot in and out.

…For men, traditional stretching exercises for calves and Achilles tendons might be better.

…A laceup ankle brace might help, too. Ask your doctor.

…One thing has not changed since you were a kid. A sprained ankle is still considered sort of a joke injury, like sunburn.

…HA once had a broken toe and it hurt like fire but no one took it seriously. Sprained ankles hurt, too!

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