Friday, July 21, 2006

That's your problem--large plates!

…Writing for the Health Behavior News Service, Taunya English explores a Cornell University professor’s theory that eating off small dishes will make reasonable portions look larger and thus help people lose the adipose.

…This guy had no problems finding volunteers to come to his ice-cream party. He served the dessert in either 17-ounce or 34-ounce bowls. The scoops were either 2-ounce or 3-ounce.

…The large bowls made people take 31% more.

…Four ounces in a small bowl may look like a good afternoon snack, researchers said, but nestled in a large bowl, looked skimpy.

…These were nutritionists, remember. They were pretty good on how many calories they had eaten, but added to the large bowl anyway.

…Every little step helps, the docs said. Don’t use a giant dinner plate.

…But they allowed that obesity was such a complex problem with so many factors that a simple step like plate size cannot address the full scope.

…Maybe if you wanted seconds, the trip to the kitchen could count as exercise?

…Did HA type that? It was meant as a snarky thought.

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