Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tomboys Mom's creations

…This was such a “category” when HA was growing up. Boisterous girls who were physically bold and one of the boys.

…Researchers now say the mother’s level of testosterone during pregnancy can result in “masculine-gender-typical” role behavior.

…In one study, in Avon, England, about 14,000 pregnant women were studied during an 18-month period. Of the children born, 686 were tested. The mothers’ testosterone levels, as well as levels of a chemical that inhibits testosterone, were measured during each pregnancy.

…When the tots turned 3.5 years of age, they were given a behavior test. There was a link between testosterone levels in the mother and masculine type choice of toys and play.

…Of course, nature v nurture takes a huge turn when teachers and parents rip the trucks out of the girls’ hands and stick in a doll instead.

…Still, other research shows that the rough-and-tumble girls tend to be more confident and competitive academically as well as on the soccer field.

…In a way, tomboys have a wider choice of options…they can dress up or play street football.


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