Friday, July 14, 2006

What a pain

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (June 12, 2006), Connie Midey quotes Carmen Green, MD, an associate professor of anesthesiology and director of the Pain Research Division at the Univ of Michigan, who says that if you are old, a woman, or a person of color, you will get worse pain control than a middle-aged white man.

…Bone pain is bone pain, she said, there should be no difference.

…Men with metastasized prostate cancer got better pain management than women with metastasized breast cancer.

…Hispanics with fractures were less likely to leave the Emergency Department with a pain killer than non-Hispanics.

…There is a tendency to think pain is more psychological in women, another expert said.

…Sometimes older people are vague about their discomfort…They might say, “Oh, I just ache,” Midey writes.

…Sometimes minorities can’t get the painkillers at a nearby pharmacy (studies show these are often understocked in the pain pill department).

…One in six Americans suffers from chronic pain (lasting more than 6 mos).

…For them, pain becomes another condition to be managed. Yet, many docs are afraid to prescribe efficient control and others pass the pills like M&Ms.

…Doctors, said one expert, are not mean or evil, they just need educating.

…HA suggests they get to know their patients, too. See what’s what.

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