Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Croc hunters

…Oh, the puns…are these a croc?

…Crocs are the earth shoe of the 2000’s. They look like a cross between a clog and a Mary Jane on steroids. They are made of an anti-stink resin.

…They are so comfy, supposedly, that Dr. Scholl bought a gross. (OK, lying on that one, but they are supposed to be comfy.)

…They are the anti-stiletto.

…The good-for-you flip-flop.

…Diabetics, gather round. People with back trouble, here is your salvation. Plantar’s fasciitis? Get thee to a Croc store!

…Chief of foot surgery at Sibley Hospital in DC loves their ample toe room and supportive sole, not to mention the saucy back strap, which is such a good look for a doctor.

…In an article in the Washington Post (August 1, 2006), Jennifer Huget says the clodhopper has been certified as ergonomically sound.

…But, sadly, not everyone has fallen in love. One of HA’s role models, Stacy London, one of the hosts of The Learning Channel’s “What Not to Wear,” says Crocs make your legs look fat.

…But Stace is crying into the garbage can she carries with her (to receive people’s entire wardrobes prior to their makeovers).

…Crocs don’t seem to be going anywhere except on people’s feet.

…Or to a store near you. And wouldn’t you know it? They’re cheap, too—around $30.

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