Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't buy Sudafed PE

…Say a common over-the-counter allergy medicine was being cooked up to make meth, so instead of catching the meth makers, the govt makes the consumer go to the pharmacy and sign for it?

…Then say not enough people might do that, so the maker made a similar form that could be left on the self-serve shelves.

…Then, say that kind didn’t work

…Pfizer sells Sudafed PE, but two Floida pharmacists say the new preparation isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream well enough to help you.

…After September 30, the real Sudafed will have to be off the shelves and you will have to show ID and sign a log to buy it.

…Apparently the new stuff is effective in IV form to regulate blood pressure during surgery or in nasal sprays. Trouble is, nasal sprays are bad for allergies.

…For its intended use? It’s sorta Pseudo Sudafed.

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