Monday, August 28, 2006

Don't let tots eat your lunch

…Deborah Holtzman, JD, MA, author of The Safe Baby, says even the healthiest foods may not be appropriate for babies and toddlers.

…Lettuce, for instance, grows close to manure or other contaminants. You should at least discard the outer leaves. (Some experts recommend rewashing bagged salad, though HA usually doesn't.)

…Any raw fruit or veggie can harbor bacteria. Sprouts, in particular, should be cooked. Cooked sprouts? Interesting concept.

…Your city water should be tested once a year—watch for the report.

…Don’t give little kids unpasteurized juices.

…Moldy peanuts are another no-no. Look for any discoloration. Aflatoxins, a byproduct of mold, can rot little livers.

…Undercooked shellfish should also not be introduced. Ever notice that Gerber does not have oyster stew?

…Babies under one year should not eat honey. Botulism can result.

…OK, this pretty much leaves fruit leather, Lunchables, and bottled soda.

…Just kidding…kidding.

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