Monday, August 14, 2006

Emergencies, duck, look out!

…HA idly muses that she is glad she cannot afford Crème de la Mer at $160 a jar because the govt would confiscate it and she would be much more articulate than if they took her real-life moisturizer, Vaseline.

…Ah, election time. Time for alerts. We know the drill.

…But does your family have a plan in case you have to decamp someplace? (It actually does happen for hurricanes.)

…The National Association of Childcare Resource and Referral Agencies in Arlington, VA, has a report containing disaster planning for child care centers.

…The problem is, kids and parents are not in the same place during the day.

…The child care people are emphasizing staff training, but also parental involvement. Thanks to planning, the caregivers of the kids at the World Trade Center scampered out with the kids, leaving even shoes behind. Babies were in arms, toddlers in shopping carts.
No kids were lost.

…Centers are urged to have three evaucation sites set in advance, so parents know where to look.

…Some people think ID bracelets should be available for kids…After the Oklahoma City bombing, the kids got dispersed and taken in ambulances and no one knew who some of them were.

…People who use childcare centers should inquire about this planning and insist there be some.

…Some nanny agencies even insist nannies have a credit card for emergencies.

…For more ideas and details, go to

…HA remembers day care days. It can be very scary to lose the connection to your child. No system is perfect, but plan ahead. At least have phone numbers of family in your wallet or on your phone (though the phones themselves may not work). Have a family meeting point.

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