Monday, August 21, 2006

Exercise and gallstones

…Is there no limit to the miracles of exercise?

…HA has silent gallstones and before a doctor would cut, she found out that 30% of adults have these and aren’t experiencing trouble.

…A Harvard study done a few years ago showed that women who exercise 2-3 hrs a week cut their risk of stones by a third.

…They looked at 60,000 women. Even after taking into account obesity (yes, it's a factor in gallstones, too, yada, yada) and recent weight gains (same), the exercisers still were 20% less likely to need gallstone surgery.

…Put another way, a woman who sits 60 hours a week was 132 times more likely to need gallbladder surgery. More likely that what—a woman on a forced march?

…HA is doomed.

…Wait--how does 2-3 hours a week of exercise interfere with sitting 60 hours a week?

…HA also hears that drinking 4 cups a coffee a day can keep the gallbladder chopper away.


David Smith said...

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