Monday, August 07, 2006

Forget the gym

…Which do you prefer: Change, drive, park, work out, shower, change, drive?
Or: Click on computer or laptop, even in a hotel room?

…Streaming fitness video is here, according to demandFITNESS. Just push the furntiure away from the desk or even look into hooking the computer to the TV.

…People get tired of the same old video (er, that’s why HA quit Jane Fonda, yeah, yeah, that’s it).

…demandFITNESS has 100 customers accessing more than 80 workout choices from ballet to aerobics. Plans range from $15 a month to 99 cents for a day pass. Try to get those numbers at the gym.

…Pretty soon, heart data for each customer will be kept online.

…Otherwise, it’s not very interactive. Apparently, the instructor can’t see you lying on the floor whipped down to your socks and let up a little.

…Cedric Bryant, exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise (whom HA has interviewed many times), says try a real, live, personal trainer first to see what works for you.

…Sound interesting? Check out or the Yoga Learning Center at

…The only thing missing is other people’s goo on the mats and machines.

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