Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey, kid, check that stuff out

…More than 85,000 synthetic chemicals are used today in the U.S., with 1000 more being thrown in the mix every year.

…Fewer than 10% have been tested for safety in humans, much less little, tiny humans with small systems.

…In 2005, two mothers turned on the news and heard that traces of perchlorate—which is used in rocket fuel—had been found in 100% of breast milk examined in one study.

…Rocket fuel?

…They formed Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS).

…Mothers concerned about what might be lurking in their breast milk can check out

…Breastfeeding is so important to babies’ development, health, and immunity that the odd dollop of rocket fuel is no reason to stop nursing.

...Your own body is probably riddled with weird, stored chemicals.

…This is in the nature of a heads-up.

…As parents, we need to work to leave someplace behind where coming generations can hang out--and nurse their own children.

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