Monday, August 28, 2006

Hip Hop as exercise

…HA lives in hip hop country, hears it daily emanating from her daughter’s room.

…Truth? Some of it is darn catchy.

…But, of course, the national nannies have er, hopped, on this, too, feeling that somehow a 24/7 concentration on drivebys, bitches, and hos might be bad for developing minds and sensibilities.

…Some of it is a little ridiculous, but HA also hates censorship.

…What to do, what to do…

…You see, if we could get more teens and “tweeners” to dance to this fast beat, it would be good exercise.

…It could even be fun. Remember fun?

…So a Mom named Susy Stone has created Hip Hop Kidz, dance crews with a fast beat, fierce dancing, and non-violent and demeaning lyrics.

…”No Drugs…No Violence…Just Dance” is the tagline.

…The crews have performed as openers for 98 Degrees and Destiny’s Child.

…Now more than a thousand kids in 40 groups, in 24 locations (right coast, not across the country yet) are participating.

…This is a workout.

…To be honest, HA kinda started tapping to the beat. Check it out:

…She didn’t miss the stupid comments against women, though she sort of wonders what Fiddy or Diddy would look like in white bucks.

…The Pat Boones of the gangstas.

…(HA can never leave anything alone, have you noticed that?)

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