Tuesday, August 22, 2006

If you like sweets, are you a fruit person?

…Those darn snacks are so caloric and bereft of value. Could people switch to something more…socially acceptable?

…According to Dr Gourmet (www.drgourmet.com), some researchers decided to see if people with a sweet snack tooth (think KitKats) would be more likely to switch to fruit than someone who craved pretzels or savory snacks.

…They did two studies (Appetite 2006). Participants were asked to remember what their household ate in two days. Amount, type of food, meal or snack.

…Surprise! Both sweet and salty types liked fruit. The sweet teeth liked it more.

…They did another survey of 2000 people and 40% responded. It listed 12 fruits and veggies, 8 sweet snacks and 8 salty ones. How many of each had people had in the past week. Of those who had a strong liking for fruit, more recalled eating sweets as snacks.

…Oh, for heaven’s sakes, what are they saying here? This is why science has a wacky rep. People like fruit! They eat veggies! They eat snacks!

…Dr G says maybe an apple would do instead of a KitKat.

…See, that is where this goes off the rails.

…Or is HA just being snarky? (No, no, this has happened.)

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