Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kids packing

…Once HA hefted her kid’s fifth grade backpack and almost fell over backwards. The thing was like a bag of anvils!

…According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, more than 7,000 ED visits in 2001 were backpack-related!

..Some kids are like Marines, toting 65 lbs on a daily basis.

…The result is poor posture, sore muscles or tingling in the shoulders.

…Make sure kids don’t sling the thing over their shoulder on one side. Use both straps.

…Make sure packs are below 15% of the child’s body weight. A 6-year-old (first grader) weighing 46 pounds, should carry a 7-lb backpack—max.

…A 146-pound senior can lug 21 lbs.

…Modern-day backpacks are pretty snazzy. They contain iPod remotes in the straps, cellphone and MP3 pockets.

…Popular design themes are Superman (that guy is OLD!), Little Bratz, Disney’s “Cars,” or Hello Kitty.

…Miss Kitty is also old. HA got her 24-year-old a Hello Kitty item the other day. She said. “How old am I, 5?” HA said OK, she’d keep it.

…”No, no,” her daughter said, snatching it.

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