Thursday, August 17, 2006

More on when to toss expensive stuff

…HA wrote about when to junk mattresses and pillows and threatened to talk sheets, so here it is.

…September’s ShopEtc says sheets have to go if they fray or “pill.”

…High thread counts apparently are an indicator of how long a sheet will last.

…Look for pure fiber, such as 100% cotton.

…Synthetics don’t wash as well or “breathe.” (High thread count sheets can be so thready and dense, they are better for winter.)

...Linen lasts the longest and gets softer as time goes on.

…Linen sheets can be passed to the next generation. (Gee, that’s good to know, as if HA’s kid would apprec these sheets she got from her Mom 45 yrs ago.)

…OK, HA likes either crisp sheets or soft, worn, flabbery ones. No coarse ones! Does anyone know what that would translate to in terms of thread count?

…Carpets also fray and need replacing. Old carpets can also harbor allergens.

...The experts say stick with wool instead of synthetics.

…One more? Toothbrushes. Replace every 3 mos. A new brush can remove plaque 30% better than one that’s three mos old.


Anne said...

Hi Star,

Flannel sheets usually grow nicely flabbery with time and use. Don't know about the correlation with thread count, though.

I have no problem with people changing their toothbrush every three months, in fact, I think it's a great idea. What really bugs me though is all that plastic.

According to the EPA, plastic makes up over 11% of American trash – that’s over a half pound per person each day. Every year, Americans send 2 billion disposable razors and 50 million pounds of used toothbrushes to landfills. (and you know they're not anywhere near to replacing those suckers every 3 months!)

So, please recycle those babies. Even better, buy toothbrushes (and razors) made from recycled plastics. Recycline ( makes awesome ones, plus they've attractive colors -- you'll appreciate the esthetics, Star. You can pick them up at Target or natural foods stores like Whole Foods. When you're done, recycle them or better yet, send them back to Recycline and they'll turn them into plastic lumber -- park benches and decks for your enjoyment.

Cool, eh?

OK, I'll jump off my eco-warrior soapbox (made from 100% recycled fibres!)now.


Star said...

Very cool. You can eco-warrior us anytime you want! I keep toothbrushes to clean grout. Star cleaning grout? Can you imagine? At least the brushes aren't in the landfill--not until I move.

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