Thursday, August 24, 2006

New thermometer in town

…HA used the same household thermometer until the silver stuff was so thinned all the way up the tube, she appeared to have a temp of 106 unless she held it at the correct angle.

…It had been a faithful tool, but finally had to go to the Medical Waste Dump in the sky.

…Sad and bereft, HA haunted the thermometer counter. They were WIDE, they were weird, they were…just not Old Faithful.

…Then Vicks offered HA a test-drive of a snappy little number called the SpeedRead.

…It’s cute! Like a lollipop (don’t you always feel child-like when you’re sick?).

…You press a button and it runs through a reassuring little LED test and then is ready for action.

…It only takes 8 seconds! Then Beep—you can see the answer.

…It’s flexible, so it’s OK for all…orifices (HA meant underarm, what were you thinking).

…Vicks also has a hospital-style model, with the tube going over to the tongue probe thingie.

…If you have to be sick, at least be kicky! That’s what HA always says.

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