Thursday, August 31, 2006

One word: Gum

…HA no longer chews gum, but might start again.

…One day, 20 years ago, she was chewing gum all day in the mall with a pal and when she got back in the car, her jaws and her friend’s jaws locked shut at the same moment. Panic!

…The Hartford Courant’s Greg Morago recalls that no one remembers what Britney Spears was sniveling about in her interview with Matt Lauer because of the gimongous wad of gum stuffed in her mouth.

…Bad news for gum companies? Nope! Good publicity.

…Gum has made a comeback. And not some mutant gumedicine like Nicorette, either.
Gum gum!

…Topps sent Bazooka Joe for a makeover, Moraga says. The gum also went softer and cotton candy and watermelon were added as flavors.

…Hershey has rolled out square Ice Breakers gum called Ice Cubes, which promises a cold jolt!

…Cadbury is hawking Stride, a “ridiculously long-lasting” chew. (Watch that jawlock.)

…HA recently wrote a story on teeth—and dentists told her that the sugar in gum gets washed away by saliva and is not that bad for teeth.

…Gum is also being souped up with vitamins and calcium.

…And it’s so much fun to CHOMP!

…No swallowing, either. Swallowing has gotten America in troubs. (No jokes.)

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