Friday, August 25, 2006

Punching out some circuits

…Associated Press reporter Candice Choi says America is in love with quickie workouts.

…HA has a friend who is wild about Curves, so it must be true.

…Choi writes about a guy named Alan who does a he-man version of Curves, involving punching a bag, among other things. His boxing-themed gym is called The Blitz.

…He whizzes around 12 stations for 30 seconds each. Then around again.

…Alan says he’s done in 30 minutes.

…Still, only 15% of Americans belong to a gym.

…More of these quickies are opening for men. Another one is Cuts Fitness for Men, with 90 locations.

….Even the REAL boxing gym, Gold’s, has rolled out a circuit.

…HA’s friend says she gets her heart rate up, has fun, and is out in a jiff.

…One danger, though…You could get to like it. And then it’s not so quick. People do more circuits, or like HA’s friend, go on to hire a trainer for a longer workout.

…That exercise, it can be habit forming.

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