Wednesday, August 30, 2006


…HA sometimes loses track. Are women still into learning how to beat up and disable men?

…Writing in the East Valley Tribune (Aug 3, 2006), Julie Janovsky says they are are! At a gym recently, the women were kicking and choking anything they could get a foot or hand on.

…Of course, at the time, we had two serial killers on the loose here.

…Being prepared made these women calmer—even though one killer (turned out to be two losers) was potting with a gun at people walking at night. Nothing face-to-face. The other one, though, was a rapist sneaking in houses.

…In the story, one expert said, “No one wins a street fight. You train how to survive a street fight.”

…Warms your heart, doesn’t it?

…The minute you are touched, they told the women, react ballistically, attacking face or groin, scratching, anything you can think of. Don’t think—act! Then run!

…Don’t smile at people on the street. Criminals think you are meat.

…Awareness is crucial. Don’t look down or go on autopilot when on the street.

…Don’t talk on your cell or listen to your iPod while scuffing along. Look purposeful.

…If you have a bad feeling, listen to it. Get an escort, call someone.

…Never let someone in your house to use a phone or bathroom.

…And this one is from HA’s heart: Don’t think because something bad has already happened to you that you are immune.

…These incidents can be more than one per customer.

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