Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Solid" advice for travelers

…Norris Beren, director of the Emergency Preparedness Institute, offers some tips for travelers dependent on their “liquids.”

…First, review everything you take both in bag, briefcase or purse.

…Take out liquids and aerosols. Period. The list is constantly changing. Today 4 oz of over-the-counter Pepto may be allowed, but what about tomorrow? These TSA folks are skittish and inconsistent.

…People apparently have to learn to live with dry contacts, dehydration, and worse.

…Beren points out that some products can be replaced with others.

…Dramamine caplets? Get chewables.

…Hand sanitizer gel. Get wipes!

…Mouthwash? Get those little slips of mouthwash.

…Pepto? Get the tablets.

…Sunscreen? Get the presoaked towelettes.

…Shampoo. Try the solid kind from Lush (or get to a hotel and use theirs).

…Toothpaste? Oral BrushUps.

…Spray deodorant? Solid.

(These courtesy of SmartMoney.com)

…Duty-free shops (so many liquids) are emptying their shelves. Might your destination hotel be sold-out? Call ahead.

…Mail things ahead or take a preprinted UPS label.

…In case of further airport snafus, have a meeting place in your family and carry phone numbers.

…Keep your numbers on paper.

…Pack walking shoes.

…Huge bottles of tranquilizers are good, too, so long as they are solid.

…HA read they may have crowd-surveilling photography systems that can tell if people waiting are in danger.

…Also coming. Booths where people answer computerized questions while wired to lie detector type leads.

…HA would love to see how that would work with her mother.

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