Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sure, blame the passengers

…Although the recent plane crash in Kentucky has been attributed to pilot error, some idiots have decided this is a good time to talk about how larger passengers could crash planes.

…As if overweight people didn’t get enough eyerolls when they board.

…The National Transportation Safety Board kicked off this line of discussion when it said that the weight of the aircraft would be checked.

…”Hey, they eat barbecue in Kentucky, let’s blame it on the passengers. Not pilot error—a dining error.”

…Obviously, the airlines must be sure people + baggage don’t tip the scales over certain parameters. And this weight must be properly distributed.

…Airlines, by law, could even weigh you, but have decided not to for the moment.

…Some airlines do ask people their weight and then add 10 lbs, assuming they will lie.

…Basically they count on 184 lbs for a man, 163 for a woman (except on athletic team flights).

…Here’s an idea: Take out a few seats!

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