Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Takeout that doesn't kill ya

…Interviewed in Working Mother (Sept 2006), Linda Spangle, RN, author of 100 Days of Weight Loss (someone HA has also interviewed), has some tips for getting salad bar or restaurant takeout and not expiring on the spot.

…First, pack up half your meal before you start eating.

…Throw bagged salad or frozen veggies into anything veggie to add more veggies. This goes for soup, too.

….Order mid-afternoon, not when you are starved. Tell them you will come later to get it.

…Chinese takeout: Ask them to cook with less oil. Use a slotted spoon to dish up. Stick with chicken, tofu or shrimp and brown rice. Skip deep-fried eggrolls, General Tso, sesame chicken or sweet-and-sour.

…Japanese. Sushi is low fat. To avoid raw, get a California roll or veggie roll. Try steamed dumplings (not fried). Broth soups like miso are good. Forget stuff made with mayo, such as Boston rolls.

…Italian. Stick with tomato sauce. Have eggplant grilled, not breaded and fried. Skip cream sauces like Alfredo, fried calamari, or pepperoni or meatball pizza.

…Mexican. Soft-shell tacos, salsa, one or two toppings such as sour cream or guacamole are OK. Use low-fat cheese at home. Forget the refried beans and fried taco shells.

…Supermarket deli. Rotisserie or grilled chicken with skin removed is OK. Steamed veggies, salmon, and salad (without croutons, cheese or bacon—what is that? Lettuce!). Forget barbequed ribs and fries or rings.

…Some of HA’s favorites are named above. Under OK? Under skip? Guess.


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