Monday, August 21, 2006

Think zinc

…Some studies show that 83% of women are not meeting the minimum requirements for zinc in their diets.

…Zinc aids the growth and cognitive development in children and helps people of all ages maintain a health immune system, heal wounds, and ensure a normal appetite and taste.

…Everything tastes better with zinc!

…Isn’t zinc a rock that comes out of a mine, HA wonders.

…Of course, it’s also a tinny-tasting ingredient in some New Age cough drops.

…The National Institutes of Health frowns on this sort of joking treatment of zinc. This is an important trace mineral, it proclaims. It’s second only to iron in its concentration in the body.

…Zinc keeps the immune system going. It is required for the enzyme activity that governs cell division, cell growth, and wound healing.

…Don’t forget that it makes smell and taste more acute.

…And zinc also contributes to the metabolization of carbs.

…Symptoms of a zinc deficiency include: slow growth, poor appetite, slow wound healing (where do people get all these wounds?), loss of hair, and funny tastes.

…Males can also get hypogonadism, which means lack of testosterone.

…Sometimes the zinc-deprived also have trouble adjusting their vision between dark and light or can get skin lesions.

…OK, we will make sure we eat it! This means peanuts, peanut butter, legumes, and meat.

…But not in one meal. Or if it is in one meal, don’t invite HA.

…Zinc is the least toxic trace mineral, but if you take it in pill form and pound in 70 to 100 times the recommended dose, you can get a stomachache and diarrhea 3-10 hrs later.

…Better a cut o’ cow.

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