Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This just in: Likker not quicker

…Drinks aren’t what they used to be. In the September issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Environmental Research (there’s your bedtime reading), we learn the sad news that the alcohol content of liquor is dropping.

…Between the early 1950s and 1997, the percentage of alcohol in alcoholic beverages fell.

…Wine used to be 16.75% alcohol. In 1991, it had dropped to 10.5%. And then went back up to 11.45% in 2002.

…Beer used to be 5%, dropped to 4.58%, then back up a little to 4.65%.

…Consumption of beer is up and down somewhat for wine and the hard stuff.

…Amounts of alcohol in products varies by state. The District of Columbia averages the highest, Ohio the lowest.

…People, the researchers said, think drinking six beers is “healthier” than drinking six vodka tonics. Both contain about the same amount of alcohol, though the greater volume of the beer means it is absorbed more slowly.

…Beer is seen as the beverage of moderation, the docs said. (Check that out at the next kegger.)

…In light of this, a new product debuts in Europe: Wine for women. It’s called Sophie & Sophie, a low-cal (meaning low alcohol) drink made of rose wine.

…Don’t be ashamed to be seen with a bottle, it says on the Sophies’ blog.

…Maintain your grace, they continue. Don’t get “misty” at the end of the evening and go home with the wrong male. More on

…The wrong male? The one with the roofies. It’s getting harder to get a girl drunk.


Bill Thomasson said...

Wine was 16.75% alcohol in the early 1950s? Well, I'll grant that I didn't turn 21 until 1957 and didn't really know much about wine until the 1960s. But in my experience, table wine has always been around 12%. Maybe a bit lower, depending on the vintage (European wines often tending to be slightly lower in alcohol than American wines).

Of course there have always been fortified dessert wines in the 16-18% range, but I put them in a different category.

Star said...

The fifties were pretty kicky. I remember my parents always having their evening Manhattan.