Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Time's awastin', men

…If all you guys think you will be like Tony (Randy) Randall and pop tots into your eighties, think again, according to an article by Amy Dockser Marcus (WSJ, Apr 1, 2003).

…Your clock is ticking, boys. You can manufacture new sperm and are not working with the eggs installed at birth as women are, but the quality of your swimmers declines are the years roll on.

…Men 35 or older have half the chance of fathering a child, compared with a guy under 25.

…So some men are concentrating on keeping testosterone levels high (Floyd Landis, do not call your office) or on measuring the level of genetic damage in their “product.”

…Male reproductive centers are all the rage now.

…One guy had sluggish swimmers and got surgery to dilate a vein in the area, which speeded the little guys up.

…Pack-a-day smokers have twice the genetic damage of sperm as nonsmokers.

…Even a health 50-year-old can have 20% less sperm than he had at 30.

…It’s not like a biological clock in a woman, that strikes midnight, but more like a winding down, experts say.



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