Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wrinkles of another sort

…The other day, the cable guy showed up in pressed khakis. Yum!

…Men in Arizona don’t tend to look the snappiest. Clean jeans would be dressup. Many don’t own a suit.

…Maybe it’s the ironing, not the irony. Is this a lost art?

…HA used to find the mindless adjusting of the garment, the dampening, the distilled water for the iron, and the positioning of ironing quite soothing.

…But it was always preceded by wrassling the board out of a closet, keeping kids away from the heating iron, and other not so fun parts.

..Remember dampening clothes…sprinkling them? They sell lavender water for that purpose, but this is probably used only by laundresses.


…Writing in the Arizona Republic (Aug 16, 2006), Scott Craven outlines the rules of ironing for those who are a little rusty.

….First, use the right setting. A hot setting will liquifey some fabrics. Or worse, glom them to the iron forever. This could affect our stress level.

…Second, do not iron clothes while they are on your body. HA has done this! According to a study, one-third of people have done this. Come on, not even a little sticky-uppy corner that is nowhere near skin?

…People aren’t slaves to ironing boards, either. They use tables, magazines, walls, even the sidewalk.

…Some people really do use the iron to make grilled cheese sandwiches, too.

…70% of the survey respondents in Phoenix iron their jeans. Maybe there is some hope.

…Khakis and Hawaiian shirts need it, too. And it doesn’t hurt t-shirts.

…Other tips: Don’t spray on starch and iron immediately. Wait a few minutes or the starch will get onto the iron.

…Taking washable clothes to the dry cleaner is another no-no.

…Don’t iron something and put it on. Hang it on a hanger so the press can set.

…Don’t iron naked. This should be self-explanatory but is not. This can be a serious, although snicker-attracting, health issue.

…A third of people in Phoenix iron sheets.

…Give HA the number of that laundress again.


twobuyfour said...

I just thought I'd mention a funny story.

I wear pleated shorts to work in the summers. Each year I buy a few pair and wear them out over the next two years. One year I bought two pair which had wrinkly flies. They looked fine otherwise, and it isn't a real dressy job anyway, but the flies were always folded open. Each day I forgot this until I put them on. So I'd touch the fly with the iron for a few seconds, and when I felt the heat in my "temperate zone" the fly would be pressed enough to lay flat all day. I always thought it was dumb, but I could never remember to do it until after I was dressed. I never burnt myself, but I never bought those shorts again, either.

Star said...

LOL. See? People iron on their bodies! I have slapped a crinkly cuff on the board--at least when I could remember where the board was, if I even have one anymore.