Monday, September 18, 2006

Bag this stuff!

…HA wasn’t going to join the crowd warning about bagged spinach.

…A couple of people have died of E. coli infections from eating some, though, and maybe there is a hermit someplace who hasn’t heard this.

…If HA can save just one computer-owning hermit.

…People started falling over in Wisconsin and the bloody diarrhea and agony was traced back to some of that ready-made salad stuff. Dozens of brands, including Dole and Trader Joe’s, are affected.

…People have also reported problems in more than 20 states.

…Apparently hygiene in the fields can lead to human, matter, getting on the produce. Washing it doesn’t help.

…Those mixtures of greens can also contain spinach, so read labels.

…Wah! HA loves bagged greens—no washing, which she thinks of as cooking. Now, though, she better actually even cook the stuff.

…(HA had giardia, a different bug, once—no joke, these aren’t funny.)

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