Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Be sure your seltbelt is...zzzzzz

…Alex Williams, writing in the NYT September 17, 2006, says more people are self-medicating before flights—and not V&Ts, either.

…Even the most drug-averse are pounding in the Ativan and Xanax.

…There is an underlying anxiety born of 9/11, the squooshed together seats, the confinement—nappie time!

…Xanax, some say, does not make them spacey or their legs feel like they are filled with putty.

…This can be especially fortunate if you are called upon to jump out or slide down a chute.

…Getting the wherewithal from a friend is also a bad idea. You don’t know how it will affect you. Have you read lately of incidents in which people disrobed or hurled flight attendants through hatches? HA is just sayin’.

…Other people take an outright sleep drug—the heck with the stinking chutes.

…If you do this, any of this, do not order a drink.

…And do not bring the pills “just in case,” unless your name is on the bottle.

…HA? She would be afraid of the drooling open mouth and the six hours of snoring.

…This way, too, she can hit the chute first.

…Now that’s how you handle anxiety.

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