Friday, September 08, 2006

Currying medical favor

…There’s an ancient spice that’s becoming new kid on the block for various health purposes: turmeric.

…It gives curry its yellow color. The second you taste it, you will know you have had it before.

…Chinese docs have used it for years, as have Ayurvedic docs in India.

…It has antibiotic properties, it detoxifies.

…Various studies have linked it with preventing recurrence of breast cancer, benefiting ligaments and keeping you limber, cleaning up the liver, and promoting digestive health.

…Turneric regulates metabolism, its proponents say. What does that mean? Burn food—weight, people!

…It also soothes insides against irritants, even from drugs.

…It can lower cholesterol.

…Pretty lazy spice, HA would say.

…Wait, it also treats respiratory infections! Acne and psoriasis—turmeric. Bladder probs? Yup.

…If you don’t feel like pounding in a ton of curry everyday, you can put ¼ to ½ teaspoon of the powder in a water with honey.

…You can also take the powder and mix it with aloe vera gel and put it on bug bites. Don’t overdo it or you will turn yella.

…OK, what’s the catch? Like most stuff, pregnant women should probably avoid it. Be careful if you are on blood thinners, too. And those with gallstones probably should not be hitting the Indian food too hard.


Anne said...

Hi Star,

Last December I treated myself to a fancy Ayurvedic whole-body spa treatment while I was in San Francisco covering a conference.

At the end, the dude handed me a pot of yellow powder/goop and pointed me towards the luxe steam-shower pod. I was supposed to smear the tumeric and other secret-herb-and-spice infused gunk all over my body to get rid of the massage oil and help to pull toxins from the skin.

I dutifully smeared and scrubbed. It made a mess in the shower but left my skin feeling tingly and clean ... detoxed? I don't know. I did smell faintly like dhal.

It's not something that I plan to try at home -- clean-up, ugh! -- but I am planning to book myself another treatment when I return to SF later this year.


Star said...

...Apply topically....Very interesting. I am no fan of huge shower cleanups, either, tho.