Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Designer cleans up assistive devices

…HA totally loved the comment from architect and designer Michael Graves, as he lay in an ambulance with numb legs: He told people his only thought was: “I don’t want to die here because it’s so ugly.”

…Now that, as recounted by Louise Sloan in the Sept issue of the AARP Bulletin, is the definition of aesthetic sensibility—and a nifty way to stay alive!

…Graves was paralyzed (sinus infection that migrated to his spinal cord—great new thing to worry about, not that this is about us).

…Graves is so well known, a medical supply company hired him to design new assistive devices for them.

…In a week or so, his shower massager, illuminated bed rail, bath, bench and folding cane will be introduced.

…He talked to disabled people. He added color, design, whimsy.

…His bath massager is genius. He took a weak-sister sponge on a stick and made it a gorgeous appliance, great whether you are disabled or not.

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