Monday, September 18, 2006

Easy, easy, old Joba

…Let HA get this straight. This new exerciser from Japan called the Joba Core Trainer? It joggles you around and in an attempt to stay still, taterly, and upright, you inadvertently exercise?

…Sure enough. According to Hammacher-Schlemmer copy, the gentle swaying of the saddle forces the core body muscles to extend and contract.

…Of course, you can make it gyrate faster and get an aerobic effect (and make HA wish she could watch).

…Yukari Iwatani Kane wrote about this in-home bull riding thingie for the WSJ on Sept 14, 2006.

…”It’s better than nothing,” sniffed one expert.

…Usually, customers laugh. Some women even find it suggestive. (Hey, this makes HA like it better.)

…Some Japanese guy apparently saw that horseback riders have good posture, but since Japan isn’t exactly loaded with space for horses, he invented this thing. (Didn’t John Travolta once ride one of these—he’s not thin.)

…The Joba in its original form costs about two grand, although cheaper imitators have come along (Daito Electric’s Rodeo Boy, for one).

…At least you can have a drink as you exercise, one devotee pointed out.

…Darned if this doesn’t have some appeal!

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