Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eating out vs kitchen--tough call

…HA reads those shelter mags and drools over the industrial-strength kitchens, the brushed aluminum, the spit and sparkle.

…Get real. She can hardly make scrambled eggs.

…Cass Calder Smith, an architect with offices in NY and SF, has designed kitchens everywhere, from the Hamptons to Effingham, Illinois (Effingham?).

…In NYC, Smith has observed, a high-end residential kitchen’ll run ya $200K, chunk of NY extra, bringing the total to north of half a mill.

…If two people dine out in New York City at a cost of $75 per person per meal, this would come to 3,467 meals—or 10 years of eating out!

…HA redid her kitchen 7 years ago. A modest $7,500. She has granite counters in her little one-butt kitchen.

…Now if she could just figure out how to turn on the stove.

…By the way, those flat cooktops? Losers.

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