Friday, September 22, 2006

Fat good

…Connie Midey, writing in the Arizona Republic (Sept 12, 2006), says come on, fat is a food group!

…Don’t we look at our bodies and think we are MADE of fat. Well, we are, in part, and we must eat fat to make the nutrients soak into our bodies so we can use them.

…One nutritionist did a study ordered by a Procter & Gamble exec who ate salads with fat-free dressing everyday. Was she missing out?

…The carotenoids (nutrients giving fruit and veggies their colors) needed to be absorbed with almost an ounce of oil.

…The jury is out on timing—will cream in the coffee and hour before eating something else help absorb the nutrients? Scientists say the foods should be in the same meal.

…Ways to add some fat without adding lbs? For breakfast, add a piece of wholegrain toast with half a tablespoon of non-transfat canola margarine. (Ewww-why not butter? Oh, that’s right—cholesterol. Still, ewww.)

….With veggies, add some hummus or ranch.

…Avocadoes are a tasty fat source.

…Put peanut butter on apples.

…Come on, people, we know how to eat fat, let’s buck up now!

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