Friday, September 29, 2006

Grab food by the labels

…Steven Reinberg, writing on HealthDay (sept 26, 2006), says most people can’t read a food label for squat.

…A study was done of 200 primary care patients (Am J of Preventive Med), by Russell L Rothman at Vanderbilt. 68% had some college, and 77% had at least 9th grade literacy skills. 63% had less than 9th graded math skills.

…But only 32% of them could calculate the amount of carbs in a 20-oz soda that had 2.5 servings in the bottle.

…Wait a hot one there! What human could calculate that—and why? Who shares a soda
with 1.5 other people?

…This is so not fair. You need to read and do math to eat.

…All they need to write is: “If you eat all of this, you will eat twice what you need your your entire day.”

…A skull and crossbones—also good.

…What would you like to see on labels, readers?

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