Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hissies could endanger public health

…Alison Young, writing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Sept 10, 2006), says the top cheddars at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are out of there.

…Finally, they decided to go public with their complaints in a letter to director Julie Gerberding.

…Top down management…stifling science…new layers of bureaucracy…the blogs and missives are flying.

…More than a dozen of the big boys have left. All but two of the directors of the eight science centers—out!

...This includes the head of the pandemic flu operation.

…Kind of bad news in the event of a pandemic or terror attack, what?

…CDCers are saying this is like FEMA before Katrina. Ouch.

…The problem lies in big fiefdoms being shattered and the components scattering around the country.

…Giant erosion of the scientific base, is how scientist described that idea.

…Oh, yes—and the admin thought this was a good time to cut the CDC’s budget, too.

…Apparently, certain people (HA is sure they know who they are) are so worried about the boxes on the organizational chart that little things like outbreaks and clusters of disease may go unnoticed.

…HA also thinks they should worry less about obesity and more about germs.

…Gerberding responded by hiring a person to listen to employee complaints.

…HA is sure that will do the trick.

…Did that guy over there just sneeze?

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