Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How about a virus hoagie?

…The FDA has approved the use of bacteria-eating viruses as food additives. Before we make immature retching sounds, these are bacteriophages (oh, PHAGES, well all righty then).

…These critters will be sprayed on cold cuts to prevent listeriosis, admittedly a very yucky form of food poisoning.

…Very safe, announced a professor at Rockfeller University.

…A lot of this comes from East Europe where phages are deliberately given to people to wipe out diseases.

…Phage viruses are everywhere…water, soil, our insides. They are the most prevalent lifeform on earth.

…Each phage has to be customized to the virus it is intended to kill. And then sprayed onto the food.

…So far, Kraft and the meat packing industry are looking at this but not committing. Soon, though, you may see “bacteriophage preparation” on labels.

…Does HA still hear those retching sounds? Oops, they were coming from her.

…HA prefers not to think of lunch as a teeny video-game-like fight with light swords, heading stomachward.

…But if this is progress, we will all have to eat it.

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