Thursday, September 07, 2006

Keeping your own med records

…Ho-hum, here comes this again. Keep a diary of your own records.

…HA has written about this so many times. She even tried it for two entries. Now she can’t remember when she was in the hospital, even.

…Usually around Christmas?

….(Hmmm, Dr Freud, call your service.)

…You know you should do this. Nothing fancy-schmancy. Just a notebook with date, time, doc, why, and what he or she said or prescribed.

…You could find your kids’ immunization records this way.

…What if we have another flood or tornado? Then what? Oops.

…When enrollment time at the health plan rolls around, at least you would know what plan you are on.

…Travelers would have medication and treatment records, or at least a clue about them.

…Come on, can we get real? HA will if you will.

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