Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lizard spit and diabetes

…Lizard proteins from our Southwest pal, the gila monster, make up a new Type II diabetes medicine called Byetta (“By-A-tuh), according to Connie Midey in the Arizona Republic (Sept 26, 2006).

…It’s creating a buzz!

…Not only does this non-insulin approach return some people’s blood sugar to normal, but it knocks off pounds like mad.

…One guy had had amputations, went on Byetta, and his sugar returned to normal.

…The secret? Dried gila monster saliva. (Who gets the idea to test these things, anyhow?)

…Apparently the reptiles can go without eating for long periods and then stuff themselves and their blood sugar stays steady.

…Some people are trying to get it as a diet aid, too, but this is an off-label use.

…”Hooray for lizard spit!” exclaimed one happy user.

…Others, though, reported nausea and constipation. Byetta still has to be injected. About 10% stop taking it, one doctor said, because of the urps and, in some cases, pancreatitis, a serious condition that can require hospitalization.

…No, smartie, it’s not the nausea that causes the weight loss. The stuff slows absorption of food and makes you feel full longer. One patient said she had to remind herself to eat.

….Ask your doctor. This may be a boon to some--despite the pre-hurls.

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